Container City T.O. is a shipping container village comprised of creative offices, event space, community use, prototypes of low-income housing, and urban experimentation.

Retrofitted containers will be available off-grid, featuring art and design studios, art exhibition and installation, entrepreneurial offices, spot gardens, farming alternatives, production spaces, commercial potentials and housing experimentation.

The entire site is movable, with no foundation digs required, allowing us to move the village to another location with ease. This project is volunteer based in association including OAC Toronto, PULP, Art Collectives, High School Programs, Interspatial, GIANT Container Services and other advocacy groups passionate about this concept.


Serves to mitigate the current Toronto housing/property crisis by providing low-rent spaces for artists, entrepreneurs and events, which are becoming dangerously scarce in the city.

The agility of container communities allow use for under utilized, transitional properties and stop the spread of homogenized, big-box retailers which threaten the culture of our inner city neighborhoods.



  • Shipping containers
  • Building materials: plywood, insulation, plumbing, electrical, batteries/generators, solar panels
  • Tools
  • Transportation
  • Fork lift
  • Certifications
  • Permits:building, zoning, noise, etc.
  • In-kind volunteers for constructions, events, promotions, gardening, etc
  • Artist development and facilitation
  • Event sponsorship




Benefit for Partners:

  • P.R. for community initiatives
  • Exposure for developers
  • Advertisement
  • Portfolio development
  • Event sponsorship
  • Replication of Container City formula on other transitional/vacant sites across the Toronto.


1485 Dupont Street, 302

Toronto, ONT

Mark Francis –¬†

Darren Christopher –

Patrick Connolly –